'Certain Nuances Excepted' is out now!


The new Live album is out now!
Available on 2 CD + DVD and to download/stream everywhere.

Wim Mertens, solo piano and voice
Live in Bruges Stadsschouwburg, 19.02.2013  
First full film of a solo concert Wim Mertens in 40 years, 1980-2020.
2-hour performance, 25 tracks.
2 Unreleased tracks: Fort van Varens and He cried no Cry.

Certain Nuances Excepted consists of two parts. In the first, Wim Mertens performs pieces from his albums A starry Wisdom (2012), Series of Ands/ImmediateGivens (2011), and The World tout Court (2009). In the second, Mertens plays his well-known pieces The Belly, Iris, Close cover, Struggle for Pleasure, Prudence, Not at Home and Watch ! among others.

Alive and well, the composer combines his typical double approach of praxis and theory, where the voice operates like a catalyzer, ‘sans appui’. With Certain Nuances Excepted, Mertens offers us ‘un pas de plus’ in his oeuvre, so avoiding a quasi-collapse, rather counting on the many nuances inherent in his doing.
His doing as doer, as performer.