New album 'Dust Of Truths'


With Dust of Truths Wim Mertens presents the final part 3 of his musi-fiction triptych Cran aux Oeufs (2015-2016).

The first part, Charaktersketch, was situated in central Europe Brussels anno 2015. The composer questions the position of culture in a larger mondial context.

The second part, What are we, locks, to do? for piano and voice is inspired by the Library of Alexandria in Egypt (300 B.C.). Central figures are the poet Callimachus and Queen Berenice II. Mertens music reads here as a commentary on the golden age of Ptolemaic Egypt.

For part 3, Dust of Truths, Wim Mertens refers to the navy Battle of Actium, which happened in Greece in 31 B.C. Opponents here were the (future) Emperor August who defeated the Egyptian warships of Cleopatra. Mertens considers this battle rather as a civil war dispute within the Roman Empire then a explicit conflict between Rome and Egypt.

Brussels, Belgium, 2015; Alexandria, Egypt, 300 B.C.; and the Battle of Actium, Greece, 31 b.Chr. together they form the triptych Cran aux Oeufs, a musi-fiction in which Wim Mertens questions the multiple connections between music, poetry and truth.

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Première Dust of Truths > 21.10.2016 at  Bozar, Brussels