'The Gaze Of The West' — Now Available


Strict and loose, weak and exact, such is the gaze of the West.
Us and them, we and they, why the battle is never over.
The gaze of the white face as incompleteness of the struggle.
The expressed cry, using the master’s tools.
Dismantling it, priestly and prophetic.

The Gaze of the West, what he did not say, what he could not say.
With the loosened grip of expression in the name of the voiceless.
Occidentale, Western wholes, unitary illusion.
In a very Western way, the real forgetting vergessen.

Destinies of Europe, the West and the Rest.
The surveillant gaze. Détourner les yeux.
Gaze and glance in the fabric of practice.
Á la façon de la mer qui s’étale.
Losing its pretention.
The Gaze, interrupted by touch.

That M. © Usura 2020

The titles of this new opus are in the spotlight today at a time of great global uncertainty caused by Covid-19.

In lieu of | Helm | Compactified | Sketch of proof | Victims over victors | Prédire n’est pas expliquer | Scattering time | Force de laisse | European grasses | Charged impurities

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