'What Are We Locks, To Do?' is now out


With What are we, locks, to do?, Wim Mertens releases his 10th solo album for piano and voice.

What are we, locks, to do? is the second part in the triptych Cran aux Œufs (2015-2016)
Part I, Charaktersketch (2015), takes Europe and Brussels anno 2015 as a central theme and refers to the changed position of Central Europe as a carrier of culture and economical power.

Mertens situates the second part in Egyptian Alexandria in the third century B.C.
The composer links his compositions among other things to the poet Callimachus, the royal family Ptolemy and the figure of Queen Berenice II, who promises to cut her hair if her husband returns safe from war.

What are we, locks, to do? mixes myth and reality and investigates the political power and the cultural influence in the Egypt of the third century B.C.

Out now, available through your favourite retailer:

CD > http://bilborecords.be/mertens-wim-what-are-we-locks-to-do-…
iTunes > https://itun.es/be/kD_iab
Spotify > https://open.spotify.com/album/3RHZdjGUYxAmKO5zVaCuui
Deezer > http://www.deezer.com/album/12197432
Amazon > http://amzn.to/1pq2R6i

Musique 3  présente “What are we, locks, to do ?” de Wim Mertens.